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SLS 1122, Strategies for Academic Success

SLS 1122 is a one-credit course for students interested in honing study skills, developing good study habits, and improving academic performance. Students learn how to learn and apply this knowledge as they develop tools for organization and time management, make effective notes, practice learning strategies, listen actively to course lectures, and read critically.

The course is taught using a combination of classroom lecture and discussion, small group activities, and independent assignments. Each student works individually with an instructor to set personal and academic goals and develop a plan of actions that will lead to achieving those goals.

Take these "To Do" action steps to get ready for the new semester

"Jump Start Your Success & Return to Good Academic Standing" PPT Slides 

Review the course topics: SLS 1122 Sample Course Syllabus


SLS 3140, Academic Success Strategies for Transfer Students

SLS 3140 is a 1-credit course (12 weeks) designed for transfer students who have experienced challenges adjusting to the academic expectations of the research university. In an interactive environment primarily consisting of group work, discussion, and creativity, students will reflect on previous behaviors and assumptions, gain skills in classroom success strategies, and will seek out positive educational experiences that will contribute to their academic enrichment, campus engagement, and career development.

Instructors of this course will engage with students during and after class in innovative learning forums, faculty networking opportunities, study groups, and one-on-one consultations. Class sizes are kept at 19 to ensure a more personal and individualized experience.

Excellent candidates include transfer students on probation, re-admitted students, part-time students, and nontraditional learners. We have specialized sections for STEM majors and student-athletes. First-time transfer students are also welcome. Classes are offered in fall, spring, and summer semesters. Interested students should email Robin Haggins at for more information.


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