Personal Academic Consultations (PAC)

What they are. ACE offers undergraduate students an opportunity to meet one-on-one with an ACE instructor to review and make improvements to their study and personal success habits. These consultations, which are free and available only to current FSU students, involve assessing a student's need and developing a plan of action for reaching the student's academic goals. Consultations are not intended as long-term coaching situations, but it is sometimes possible to schedule one or more follow-up meetings.

Personal Consultation


The topics. Topics covered include the following:

  • Time management: assess your current use of time, learn to set priorities and create a more balanced schedule, and formulate an action plan.
  • Learning styles and memory: learn about how your memory works best and how knowing your preferred learning styles can help you study.
  • Reading strategies: learn to zero in on important information in your course readings and to think critically about what you read.
  • General study skills: assess your current study skills and habits, select specific skills to work on, and create an action plan for improvement.
  • Planning for graduate school and entrance exam preparation.

The process. Students should call (850) 645-0852 or visit Campus Connect to schedule an appointment with an ACE instructor. Depending on your topic of interest, the instructor may assign "homework" to be completed before the appointment. Then the instructor and student will work together to create an action plan based on the student's particular needs and interests.

Additional academic support. Students who want individualized support beyond an ACE Personal Academic Consultation should contact FSU's Adult Learning Evaluation Center (ALEC). ALEC offers weekly academic coaching sessions and ADHD coaching.

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