Proactive Referral and Engagement (PRE)

The FSU Proactive Referral and Engagement (PRE) program reflects the unconquered spirit of our university by providing support to students experiencing academic challenge. We seek to help students before midterms each semester. This early period in the semester is the best time for students to improve their learning, recover from poor test scores, and make informed decisions based on early performance.

We accomplish this work through various methods:

  1. Helping faculty and students identify when additional help may be needed
  2. Receiving referrals from faculty about students who need additional help
  3. Reaching out to offer students assistance in building academic skills (general or specific)

When instructors submit referrals through PRE, it indicates that they care about student success and believe individuals will benefit from the help provided. We encourage students to schedule a one-on-one help session with Dr. Samantha Nix to identify learning barriers and develop a plan. Dr. Nix will attempt to address students’ general academic needs, and may also refer students to academic departments, tutoring resources, or other student services for more specialized help.

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