Time Management

Managing time effectively is an essential skill for academic success. Good students learn to prioritize academic responsibilities and involvement opportunities as well as plan out their time accordingly to meet the demands of both. Consistently using a time management tool, such as a paper planner or a calendar app on your smartphone, can aid in a successful college experience. See the time management tools listed below to take control of your time and maximize every minute.

  • Semester-at-a-glance - Use this editable document to stay in control of your time for the next 5 weeks of this semester. For example, list tests, assignments, and final exams on this document to be in control of your time for the remainder of the semester
  • Assignment Calendar - A guide to organizing your assignments, exams, and projects for the entire semester.
  • Six Weeks To Success - A resource to organizing and recording your progress as you gear up for finals and final papers!
  • One-Week Log - A resource to help you evaluate how your time is spent throughout the week and ways to reallocate your time in order to meet your commitments and accomplish your goals (one- week blank template included).
  • Weekly Study Schedule - A guide for creating a weekly schedule that includes time for studying, essentials like sleeping and eating, and social activities (one-week blank template included or see the Excel template below).
  • Project 'To-Do' List - A resource to aid in taking larger assignments/projects and breaking them down into smaller manageable tasks (an example and blank template included).