Frequently Asked Questions



All currently enrolled Florida State University students can use the learning center services. Students visit the learning center when they want to improve their academic understanding of various subject matter or improve their grades in particular courses. Students also visit our learning center to learn a variety of skills (e.g. time management, test prep, etc.) to improve their academic success strategies. While most of the students who use the learning center are undergraduates, graduate students can utilize our services.
We have two physical locations on campus where we provide different services. UCA 3600 is where you can meet with faculty for academic consultations as well as to receive dual-enrollment advising. WJB G051 in Johnston Ground is the ACE Learning Studio, our University’s learning center focusing primarily on tutoring and study space.
Yes. You can call 850-645-9151 to receive answers to your questions about our services.
The learning center offers peer tutoring, workshops, laptops for personal checkout, and study rooms. We offer academic consultations, credit-courses, and dual enrollment advising as well.
Yes. We are providing tutoring, workshops, and academic consultations virtually through July 31.
Our tutors can work with students virtually until 8pm Sundays – Fridays. Faculty meet with students to conduct academic consultations 8am-5pm from Mondays - Fridays.
Visit and select the CC icon to schedule an appointment for either service.
No. All of our services are FREE to currently enrolled Florida State University students.
At this time we are not limiting appointments.
Tutoring appointments can be 30 minutes or 60 minutes.
Tutoring sessions are one-on-one: the tutor and you. For this Summer, some math sessions might have two students, but the majority will have just one.
You can schedule a tutoring appointment up to two weeks in advance. It is a good idea to schedule early, because appointments fill up quickly.
You can visit and select the CC icon to cancel or reschedule appointments. You can also call 850-645-9151 to cancel or reschedule appointments. Please try to cancel appointments 24 hours in advance.
Yes. Graduate students need to contact us via phone, 850-645-9151, or email us at to make tutoring appointments or to reserve a study room. If a graduate student would like an academic consultation, please call 850-645-0852 to schedule an appointment.
Yes. High school dual-enrollment students need to call 850-645-9151 or email us at to make tutoring appointments. For academic consultations please call 850-645-0852 or send an email to
No. Our services are currently only for enrolled Florida State University students.
Students seeking accommodations must first register their learning disabilities with the Office of Accessibility Services.
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