Learning and Test Preparation

As a college student you will be required to spend additional time outside of class studying, completing papers/projects, and preparing for exams. The learning process begins with your first week of classes and discovering your most effective and efficient study strategies for each class. Use the academic resources below to identify appropriate study strategies and to develop a study plan that will help you ACE your exam!

  • VARK - An online assessment for discovering your learning style preferences and how to use them to your advantage when studying for exams. Click the 'Questionnaire' tab on the top of the page for the free assessment!
  • Five Day Study Plan - An example for building an organized exam study schedule (5-day blank study schedule template included).
  • Study Strategies by Learning Style- A list of study strategies categorized by learning styles. Incorporate additional study strategies from other learning styles for deep-level learning.
  • The Six-Hour D - An article by Dr. Russ Dewey explaining why students who put in six hours of study time for an exam can still end up with a low grade on the test. The article also instructs you on how to correct that situation.