Monitoring Your Learning and Goals

You are in charge of monitoring your academic standing in all of your courses. Your grades may be given to you in class or posted on Canvas. It is important that you take the time to check each grade you receive and monitor your overall grade in the course as it progresses. If at any point you are unsure about your grade, please contact your professor or visit his/her office hours. Listed below are a few resources to help you monitor your overall academic standing (GPA) at FSU.

  • How Grades Work - A guide to learning how GPA is calculated and how FSU uses GPA to determine your academic standing (written and pictorial tutorials on how to use the two GPA calculators listed below are included).
  • GPA Calculator - A resource to calculate how your current GPA will be affected by each final course grade you receive within a given semester and beyond.
  • What GPA do I need? - A second resource for calculating the semester GPA you need to earn in order to move from your current GPA to your desired GPA.
  • SMART Goal Setting Worksheet - A worksheet designed to help you set long term goals, by using short term actions steps to achieve it.
  • Athlete Goal Worksheet - A small worksheet designed to identify and set performance goals.