Study Tools and Tips

Learning at the college level requires more time outside of class and a different approach to preparing and studying for your courses. To academically excel in college, you must evaluate your assumptions regarding your study strategies and habits. Strong students read before classes, review their course material/notes after every class, and study throughout the entire 15 weeks of the semester - not just before the exam. Review the resources below to learn how you can establish the college-level study strategies and habits needed to be successful.

Link to Slides from Family Webinar on Academics.

Study Skills and Habits

  • Six Weeks to Success - A planner to help you get back on track for the semester.
  • The Study Cycle - A multi-stage process for learning throughout the semester.
  • SQ3R Reading System - A systematic way to approach reading with the goal of increased focus, comprehension, and memory.
  • Study Group Checklist - A guide for increasing deep-level learning through study groups. Helpful tips for creating and sustaining a successful study group are also included.
  • Life Skills for College and Beyond - A comprehensive resource highlighting tips and strategies for how to be successful in college.
  • Mobile Apps - A list of mobile apps covering topics such as time management, study aides, note-taking, and more.
  • Learning (Your First Job) -  An article by Dr. Robert Leamnson instructing you on what exactly it takes to succeed in college.

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