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SLS1122, Strategies for Academic Success, is a one-credit course for students interested in honing study skills, developing good study habits, and improving academic performance. Students learn how to learn and apply this knowledge as they develop tools for organization and time management, make effective notes, practice learning strategies, listen actively to course lectures, and read critically.

The course is taught using a combination of classroom lecture and discussion, small group activities, and independent assignments. Each student works individually with an instructor to set personal and academic goals and develop a plan of actions that will lead to achieving those goals.

SLS 1122 Sample Syllabus - Spring 2017.pdf


SLS3717, Peer Tutoring, is a one-credit course designed as a learning opportunity for any student interested in exposure to issues regarding targeted learning assistance. This course provides training in various areas related to peer tutoring for both group and individual tutoring and is applicable across disciplines. Course content will be analyzed through the exploration of contemporary theory, group activities, readings, lectures, class discussions, and online assignments. Critical inquiry, tutoring 'best practices,' and service learning will play important roles throughout the semester. Please email Dr. Barry at if you are interested in enrolling in this course.

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