Study Skills Tutoring

Study skills tutors offer students assistance in a variety of areas such as strengthening your time management, course notes, and test preparation skills; learning more effective study and motivation strategies; and addressing your anxiety, stress, or procrastination. Study skills tutoring is located alongside course-based tutoring in the Learning Studio (William Johnston Building, ground floor room G051) during our normal open hours. Study skills tutors are available by appointment or walk-in. If you need assistance or do not have access to Campus Connect, please call our front desk at (850) 645-9151 and one of our student assistants will be happy to make an appointment for you.


How can a Study Skills Tutor (SST) help me? 
Study Skills Tutors can help you with a wide range of academic and personal success skills:  

  • Strengthen time management skills
  • Develop good note taking skills 
  • Learn techniques to maximize your study time
  • Incorporate strategies to address anxiety, stress, and motivation
  • Use online resources to calculate your course grades and GPA
  • Discuss appropriate communication with professors/teaching assistants
  • Create a weekly schedule to accomplish your activities and responsibilities
  • Explore test preparation strategies to reduce stress and ace your exam
  • Discover other campus resources and services for your needs, activities, and responsibilities
Meet the Study Skills Tutors