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Tutoring Services/Academic Support

Academic Support for Specific Student Programs


Tutoring Services/Academic Support

The following are support centers at FSU which provide tutoring opportunities for currently enrolled students:

ACE Learning Studio
In the Johnston Ground (ground floor of WJB), the ACE Learning Studio (G051) provides tutoring appointments in a large number of subject areas from 10am to 10pm Monday through Thursday, 10am to 5pm Friday, and 5pm to 10pm Sunday (Spring and Fall hours listed. Summer hours are abbreviated).  Students may schedule either 30 or 50 minute appointments. Appointments can be made within ‘Secure Apps’ in  Also located on the Johnston Ground is our ACE Math Studio (G024) and we provide walk-in math tutoring in many introductory and intermediate math courses. 

University Libraries
The Learning District is a drop-in tutoring service for students during later evening hours on Sundays through Wednesdays, from 8pm to 1am, in Strozier and Dirac Libraries, that provides assistance in a variety of subject areas.  Visit for more information.

Reading/Writing Center
The RWC/DS offers writing support to all FSU students, including first-year undergraduates, students in all majors, international and other ELL students, CARE students, and student athletes. Tutors act as a practice audience for students’ ideas and writing, helping them develop their writing in many areas. Visit to see hours and locations.

Biology Major Study Center
The Biology Study Center is staffed by senior biology undergraduate tutors. The Biology Majors Study Center, located in 1054 King Life Sciences Building, is for students enrolled in BSC2010 and BSC2011 and is generally staffed between 8:30-4:30, Monday through Friday (the current semester's schedule can be found on the door). The Biology Non-Majors Study Center, located in 425 Carothers, serves students enrolled in BSC1005 and BSC1005L (check course websites for tutor hours). 

Research Consultations at Strozier
The Research Consultation service at Strozier Library provides FSU students with the opportunity to schedule one or more in-depth meetings with a reference librarian to identify the resources and services needed to thoroughly investigate a topic for a paper or presentation.


Academic Support for Specific Student Programs

The following are support centers at FSU which provide academic assistance for currently enrolled students in a particular program or population:

Student Athlete Academic Services
Tutoring is free and available to all student athletes. Tutoring is provided by qualified undergraduate and graduate students in many subject areas. Specific subject tutoring is available either one-on-one or in groups. Strategic Study Tables are also offered to students to help with organization and study skills.

C.A.R.E. provides preparation, orientation and academic support programming for students who are among the first in their family to attend college, and for those who otherwise may face unique challenges in college because of economic, cultural or educational circumstances.

SSTRIDE is an outreach effort of the FSU College of Medicine with support from Florida's Area   Health Education Centers.  The undergraduate component is open to ‘pre-health’ students from Florida State University, Florida A&M University and Tallahassee Community College, and includes access to the Tutorial Learning Center/Mentoring Program.

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