Spring 2020 PASS Staff

Spring 2020

Our PASS Leaders and Evaluators are an integral part of our program. The following students will be providing support to the PASS program during the Fall. 

Maria Benitez: Classroom Evaluator


I am a Media Communication’s major with a minor in Hispanic marketing. A fun fact about me is that I have visited Peru and Mexico. I like to visit new places and try new things. This spring will be my first semester as a PASS classroom evaluator. I look forward to observing students engage and learn new study strategies. 

Nande DeGraff Website Picture.jpg

Nande DeGraff: Classroom Evaluator


I'm an FSU-Teach Biology double major with minors in Philosophy and Chemistry. I aspire to become a biology teacher, and being a part of PASS has helped me realize that. I have filled both the PASS Leader and Observer positions, and I have experienced how important both roles are to the program. I like to roller skate, take BuzzFeed quizzes, and make card for special occasions (so I almost never have to buy them) PS: My name is pronounced NAHN-dee. 

Myryame Desrosiers.jpeg

Myryame Desrosiers: PASS Classroom Evaluator and PASS Leader


I am a Biological Science major with a minor in Anthropology. My favorite subfield is Cultural Anthropology! I love learning about the differences in human perception. As a Classroom Evaluator, I looked forward to being able to improve the way materials were taught by observing student engagement. A fun fact about me is that I was raised in Haiti, so I speak three different languages! My favorite past time is cooking specialty chicken wings.

Salma Elsheikh: PASS Leader


I am a senior, clinical professions major and Spring 2020 is my sixth semester with the PASS program. I never knew how much I loved chemistry until I took my first chemistry class here at FSU. The best thing about being a PASS Leader is the ability to help other students reach their potential in a class by understanding the material better and maybe even falling in love with the subject. In addition to PASS I am also part of the FSU Medical response Unit, I am working on my honors in the major thesis, and I am developing the interdisciplinary Medical Sciences Ambassador Program. Fun fact about me is that I am Egyptian, I moved to the U.S. the Summer before my junior year of high school.



Jessica Folsom: PASS Leader


I am a double major in Biology and Psychology, I am very excited to be a PASS Leader this semester! I was always fascinated by biology because it allowed me to explore how life functions on a microscopic and molecular level. As a PASS Leader for Chemistry, I hope to provide engaging lessons and activities that allow students to understand and appreciate the material discussed in class and how it related to the world outside of the classroom.

Helen McSorley.JPG
Helen McSorley: PASS Leader 


Hi! My name is Helen and I am a junior Economics and International Relations major. During the past year, I was a PASS Leader for Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. I was so excited for this role because I believe economics can help shape how you understand the world and society. Economics plays a critical role in society, government, and even in everyday decisions, and I hope that by coming to my sessions, they were able to understand it a little more. In my free time, I love to sing and I am in an acapella group on campus. I hope that as a PASS Leader I was able to help students become more confident in their macroeconomics and microeconomics studies. 

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Andrey Shults: PASS Leader


Hi! My name is Andrey, and I am biochemistry major. I am going into my third and last year at FSU. I am currently a PASS Leader, and I do sessions for Organic Chemistry. PASS has been one of the most fun experiences for me at FSU because of the various opportunities it has given me. I enjoy working with people, and I get to help students with a very difficult subject. A fun fact about me is that I am originally from Russia, but I came here when I was a freshman in high school to continue my education in America.

Alfie Tutt.jpg
Alfie Tutt: PASS Leader 


My Name is Alfie Tutt and I am an Accounting Major here at FSU. I am going into my third year at FSU and am enjoying being a part of such a diverse and resourceful community. I was thrilled that I had the chance to teach and help students learn about a subject that I found every enjoyable. A fun fact about me is that I have lived in both England and Australia prior to coming to the U.S.

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