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applications for spring 2020 semester hsde are open!


DEADLINES - the process has changed!

  1. Meet with your High School Guidance Counselor in October.
  2. Attend a HSDE Information Meeting at one of the area schools or FSU to submit your paperwork, complete NEW course search/schedule assistant training (video tutorial here), and orientation (if first time at FSU).
    Choose one of the following to attend and bring your completed application forms and a laptop or tablet:
    Monday, October 28 - Chiles HS @ 2:30pm, Chiles HS Auditorium
    Tuesday, October 29 - Leon HS @ 2:15pm, Room 108J
    Wednesday, October 30 - Lincoln HS @ 9:30am, Room 3801 (Lincoln students ONLY)

    Tuesday, November 5 - FSUS (Florida High) @ 3:30pm, Garnet Lecture Hall, 2nd floor
    Wednesday, November 13 - FSU campus @ 3:30pm, Room 1302 University Center B (Visitor Information Center - NOT ACE)
  3. All HSDE application forms must be completed and submitted by one of the following deadlines, after which students will be notified of their status. Those who meet the priority application deadline are likely to have better course selection at the time of registration.
    Monday, November 18 - 5:00pm – Priority Application Deadline
    Monday, December 2 - 5:00pm – Final Application Deadline
    (Note: Incomplete applications will be denied after this Final Application Deadline has passed.)

What is High School Dual Enrollment?

High School Dual Enrollment is a coursework acceleration program that allows qualified high school students to begin postsecondary coursework while earning credits toward the high school diploma. Dual Enrollment is established by law (s. 1007.271, F.S.), and Florida State University operates its program in accordance with local articulation agreements. Dual Enrollment is available to local school district, private and charter school, and home school secondary students.

Participation in High School Dual Enrollment has several advantages for students planning to pursue a college degree. It allows qualified students the opportunity to take college classes, free of tuition and fees, while they are still in high school. These students will have access to rigorous postsecondary courses while reducing the time and cost of completing the college degree. However, students taking dual enrollment courses must recognize that dual enrollment course grades will become a permanent part of the college transcript and will be factored into future applications to other colleges and universities. Therefore, dual enrollment students are expected to work closely with the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) faculty and staff for ongoing academic advisement and support.

Student Eligibility

A secondary student must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible to participate in the High School Dual Enrollment Program at Florida State University:

  • Must be a secondary student with a 3.9 weighted high school GPA on a minimum of 12 graded credits to include:
    • 2 English credits
    • 2 mathematics credits, one of which must be Algebra II or higher
    • 1 science credit with lab
    • 1 social studies credit
  • Must have the following standardized test scores and subscores:
    • ACT Test – 26 or higher Composite Score plus the following subscores:
      • Reading subscore of 19 or higher
      • English subscore of 19 or higher
      • Math subscore of 21 or higher


    • SAT Test – 1230 or higher Total Score plus the following subscores:
      • Reading subscore of 24.5 or higher
      • Writing subscore of 27.5 or higher
      • Math subscore of 25.5 or higher
  • Must attend a Leon or Wakulla County public school or attend a private school (in Leon or Wakulla County) that has an articulation agreement with Florida State University; or be registered as a home school student in Leon or Wakulla County.
  • Must meet any course prerequisites as set forth in the University undergraduate catalog, and transcript must show proof of credit for prerequisite course requirements to enroll, if applicable.
  • Provide proof of immunizations and health history form.
  • Must be free of any charges of scholastic and behavioral misconduct at any educational institution. Must be free of any violation of the law which did/may result in probation, community service, jail sentence, revocation or suspension of driver's license, or a traffic violation that resulted in a fine of $200 or more. Must be free of any felony charge, even if adjudication has been withheld.
  • A 3.0 FSU GPA is required for students to continue in the High School Dual Enrollment Program at Florida State University.

Application Process

The dual enrollment application process begins with a meeting with your high school guidance counselor to obtain approval to take courses at FSU, which includes certification of eligible grades and test scores. Once permission is obtained on the Guidance Counselor Approval Form (which your guidance counselor has), you can proceed with the remaining steps in the application process. All of the information you need can be found in the High School Dual Enrollment Application and Student Guide below.

High School Dual Enrollment Application and Student Guide

Guidance Counselor Course Adjustment Form


Home school students will need to complete the Home School Course Request Form and Articulation Agreement and also provide proof of enrollment in a home education program (S.1002.41, F.S.) in Leon or Wakulla County and verification of grade level and performance such as tests and transcripts.

Home School Request Form and Articulation Agreement

Home School Course Adjustment Form


Contact Information

The High School Dual Enrollment Application and Student Guide should provide all the information you need to know about the High School Dual Enrollment Program at Florida State University. However, if you have any questions, you may email or call us during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

All advising meetings will require an appointment, so please email or call in advance to schedule. Students are expected to participate in the advising meeting though parents are also welcome to attend.

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