PASS Summer 2019 Schedule

Below is the weekly schedule for the PASS sessions offered this summer A term. In addition we also offer office hours led by PASS Leaders (schedule listed at the end of the page). These resources are designed to align specifically with a particular lecturer's material, emphasis and pace, so though students from other lectures are welcome to attend and may find the sessions helpful for their own understanding, they need to know that the design of the PASS sessions are dictated by the lecturer specified below and the content may vary from that of their own lecturer.

Furthermore, 3 online PASS prep sessions will be offered for CHM 2211-01 students this summer in addition to the weekly in-person PASS sessions below. Students enrolled in CHM 2211-01 must accept the Online PASS Sessions Canvas invite to be able to participate in the 3 online test prep sessions that will be announced in class and Canvas page.

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