PASS Spring 2020 Schedule

Below is the weekly schedule for the PASS sessions offered this spring 2020 term. These sessions are designed to align specifically with a particular lecturer's material, emphasis and pace, so though students from other lectures are welcome to attend and may find the sessions helpful for their own understanding, they need to know that the design of the PASS sessions are dictated by the lecturer specified below and the content may vary from that of their own lecturer.

All PASS sessions will be hosted via Zoom. To join your session, enter the meeting ID corresponding to your PASS section:
Meeting ID: 
Alfie (ACG 2021) - 606-027-071

Andrey (CHM 2210) - 577-417-804
Jessica (BSC 2010) - 861-376
Alyssa (CHM 1046) - 538-361-713
Salma (CHM 1045) - 413-358-571
Salma (CHM 2211) - 466-935-398