PASS Benefits and Impact

The SI Instructional Model has proven to have a lasting effect on a student's learning because it teaches them a new study strategy, how to break down complex tasks into their component parts, and how to work on a task piece by piece. 

Over the years, PASS has demonstrated to have several benefits for the PASS Leaders, faculty members, and students.

Benefits for PASS Leaders:

  • Leadership skills
  • Experience facilitating a group 
  • Better understanding of content
  • Improved learning skills
  • Closer relationships with faculty members 

Benefits for Faculty Members:

  • Course evaluations improve
  • Valuable feedback gained from PASS Leaders
  • PASS students ask more and better questions in class
  • Students participate more and 

Benefits for PASS Students:

  • Students earn higher course grades
  • Feel more comfortable asking questions
  • Students understand the subject material better 

To learn more about the impact the PASS Program makes on a student's education, please check out the following sections: