Learning Studio


The Learning Studio, located in G050 in William Johnston Ground, offers tutoring in a variety of subject areas. Please see the subject areas below to find out which courses we are currently offering. These courses change on a semester basis and are subject to tutor availability. Tutoring is available by appointment and appointments can be made online or with our front desk. To make an appointment online, please follow this link to access our Campus Connect platform. If you need assistance or do not have access to Campus Connect, please call our front desk at (850) 645-9151 and one of our student assistants will be happy to make an appointment for you.

Summer Course Offerings

  • ACG 2021
  • ACG 2071
  • CGS 2518
  • FIN 3244
  • RMI 2302
  • MAR 3023
  • QMB 3200
  • BSC 2010
  • BSC 2011
  • PCB 3063
  • PCB 3134
  • PCB 4701
  • PSB 2000
  • CHM 0145
  • CHM 1046
  • CHM 2210
  • CHM 3120
  • ECO 2013
  • ECO 2023
  • SPN 1120
  • SPN 1121
  • SPN 2160
  • SPN 2220
  • SPN 2240
  • SPN 3300
  • SPN 3400
  • MAC 1105
  • MAC 1114
  • MAC 1140
  • MAC 2233
  • MAC 2311
  • MAC 2312
  • MAC 2313
  • MAP 2302
  • STA 2023
  • SYG-1000
  • PHY 2048C
  • PHY 2049C
  • PHY 2053C
  • PHY 2054C

ACE offers both tutoring and workshops to help students prepare for graduate and professional exams, such as the GRE and the MCAT. Please use the listing below to see which areas are supported through tutoring:

  • GRE Math Help
  • Medical Professional Exam Help

Please arrive 5 minutes early to check-in. To check-in, simply stop by our sign-in kiosk on the right side of the entrance. Follow the instructions posted to sign-in and then notify the front desk that you are here. The front desk will alert your tutor when it is time for your appointment to begin.

If you cannot make the appointment, please cancel the appointment as soon as possible. This helps other students who need tutoring services are able to make appointments. Students who do not show up for a tutoring appointment and do not cancel will receive a “No Show” for the visit. Two “No Show” visits will prevent you from making further appointments. If your account has been locked due to excess “No Show” visits, please contact the site supervisor, Andrew Dentzau, to make an appointment to clear the hold.

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