PRE Student FAQs

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Your syllabus should include a statement describing this program. Instructors refer students to PRE if they feel a student needs additional academic help and/or they are concerned about a student in one or more of the following areas:
  • At risk to fail course
  • Class attendance
  • Class participation
  • Concerns about motivation
  • Financial concerns
  • Missing/late assignments
  • Needs assistance building writing skills
  • Needs assistance building quantitative skills
  • Needs assistance building study skills
  • Poor assignment/test grade
  • Disruptive/unusual behavior
  • Other academic concern
The purpose of PRE is to help give students one-on-one assistance when they experience problems in their classes. “Help” can look like a lot of things: advice on study skills and time management, connections to tutoring resources, assistance with identifying university policies, or referrals to other departments who can assist where PRE cannot. Conversations with the PRE Coordinator, Dr. Samantha Nix, can help with both in-class and out-of-class concerns. Our hope is to have students leave their PRE meeting with a plan to move forward for a more successful semester.
PRE staff will send referrals about CARE and student athletes to CARE or Student Athlete Academic Services staff so they can follow-up with you with appropriate resources.
Yes! Students don’t have to wait for their professor to notice if there is a problem and reach out. Schedule a study skills tutoring session or email Dr. Samantha Nix at
Students are not obligated to participate in this program. If you find you need help later, feel free to contact us.

To give feedback about the PRE program, feel free to send Dr. Nix an email at If you’d like to submit anonymous feedback, fill out this online form.

Sure! There are a few ways you can get involved:

1) Give us your feedback on this program by emailing Dr. Samantha Nix at Just letting us know what you think about this program could help shape it for the future. You can also submit anonymous feedback here.

3) Apply to become a tutor.

4) If you generally like the idea of helping your peers, get involved in one of the many peer leadership opportunities at FSU! Here’s a short list to get you started:

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