Refer a Student to the PRE Program

How do I refer a student?

There are three options for instructors to submit a referral:

  • Open online form (good for < 5 submissions)
  • Campus Connect (good for > 5 submissions)
    • Instructions here: PDF or video
    • Graduate teaching assistants and some faculty must contact Dr. Courtney Barry for access
  • Excel submission (good for > 5 submissions)
    • Template available here

When should I refer students?

Instructors can refer students anytime about the following concerns:

  • At-risk to fail course
  • Class attendance
  • Class participation
  • Concerns about motivation
  • Financial concerns
  • Missing/late assignments
  • Needs assistance building writing skills
  • Needs assistance building quantitative skills
  • Needs assistance building study skills
  • Poor assignment/test grade
  • Disruptive/Unusual behavior
  • Other academic concern

In addition, there are 3 critical periods in the semester when instructors may want to consider referring their students:

  • Weeks 3-4: Early attendance check
    By the end of week 3, students have settled into courses after drop/add and are starting to establish habits. This is a good time to check class attendance and to remind them about the positive outcomes for those who attend lectures.
  • Weeks 5-6 or First Test: Responding to first major feedback
    In a 16-week semester, information from weeks 5-6 can inform how students approach midterm assignments. In extreme cases, this information can help students decide if they want to drop the course before the 7th week drop deadline.
  • Weeks 10-11 or Second Test: Responding to second major feedback
    In a 16-week semester, information from weeks 10-11 can inform how students close the semester out. In extreme cases, this information can help students decide if they want to drop the course before the 12th week drop deadline.

What do I need to let students know?

How much you communicate with a student about your referral to the PRE program is up to you. We have the following tools available to faculty:

  • Syllabus statement
  • Request a classroom presentation
  • Helpful language to use when talking about the referral - “I want you to have access to as much support as possible, so I am referring you to the PRE program. Dr. Courtney Barry, Director of ACE, will reach out to you and offer help.”

Please note that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) explicitly allows university officials the right to share data with other university officials, without the student’s permission, when there is legitimate educational interest, e.g., performing their official job functions. The PRE program was developed with the support of the Office of the Provost and Executive President for Academic Affairs to provide support to students pursuing their educational goals. For more information about FERPA from a faculty/staff perspective, see this web page.

Students have a right to refuse contact from PRE program staff. We inform students of their agency in the syllabus statement, classroom presentations, and correspondence with students. In addition, only program staff who have signed the FSU Confidentiality Agreement and received training and monitored access to student records will review PRE data from instructors.


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