Study Room with Interactive White Board

Rooms can be reserved for 60 consecutive minute increments and cannot exceed 2 hours. Vacant study rooms are available for use by any group. Come to the front desk to retrieve they key. 

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Questions? Email
For immediate assistance, please see the ACE front desk. 



  • PLEASE NOTE: If your group has not shown up within 15 minutes of your reservation time, the room will be released for others to use. 
  • I accept liability for any damages, loss or overdue fines that may occur when using this room ($10 initial late fee +$10 each additional hour).
  • I agree to close and lock the door behind me when I vacate the room. 
  • I am responsible for any damages that may occur by others using the room if the door remains unlocked or open after I return the key to the circulation desk. 
  • I am responsible for making sure the room is clean and all trash is picked up before leaving.
  • I understand that I am allowed to write on the glass and white board walls with dry erase markers and I will erase markings upon exit.

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