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Office Location: G050 Johnston Ground (WJB)
phone: 850-645-9361

Dr. Courtney Barry

Director of the Academic Center for Excellence

Dr. Courtney Barry serves as Director of the Academic Center for Excellence. A three time alumna, Dr. Barry earned her bachelor’s in communication, her master’s in Higher Education, and Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology from Florida State. Dr. Barry previously served as Chief of Staff for the Vice President for Student Affairs from 2008-2014. Prior to that role, she served for over 13 years as a college administrator working in Residence Life, Student Activities, and Greek Life. She also has experience teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses. Her research interests include motivation and failure, as well as first-year retention and transition.

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Office Location: A3600 University Center
phone: 850-645-8253

Holly Hunt

Associate Director of the Academic Center for Excellence

Holly Hunt serves as the Associate Director within Florida State University’s Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). Holly comes from the great state of Alabama where she received her undergraduate degree at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Holly moved to Tallahassee shortly after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2006 to pursue her Master of Science in Higher Education here at Florida State University. After completing her M.S. degree, she took a position at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) where she worked for three years as an academic advisor for exploratory students. Holly returned to Tallahassee in June of 2011 after marrying her FSU sweetheart, James Hunt, and continued her work in exploratory advising as a member of the Advising First Center for Exploratory Students. As a member of the ACE family, she looks forward to the opportunity to help students reach their full potential and to be successful both here at Florida State and beyond.

Office Location: A3600 University Center
phone: 850-645-8394

Dr. Patricia Golay

Assistant Director, Curriculum & Instruction

Teaching Faculty III

Dr. Patricia Golay serves as an instructor for the Strategies for Academic Success course and coordinator of the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) Program Series. Dr. Golay hails from Los Angeles, California and attended California State University, Los Angeles where she received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in History. She taught middle and high school history, English, and special education classes in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 13 years. Dr. Golay earned her doctorate in Higher Education Administration in 2006 from Florida State University. She has a wealth of international experience including working for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). Before joining the ACE team in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, she worked at FSU Center for Leadership and Civic Education as the grants coordinator for the Florida Learn & Serve program. Her research interests include service-learning, intercultural competence, and academic self-efficacy. Dr. Golay is committed to serving students and to ensuring that all students develop the skills and confidence needed to be academically successful.

Andrew Dentzau

Office Location: A3600 University Center
phone: 850-645-8215

Andrew Dentzau

Instructional Specialist I

Andrew Dentzau serves as an instructor for SLS 1122: Strategies for Academic Success within the Florida State University Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). Andrew is a Tallahassee native and two-time alumnus of Florida State University. He earned his Bachelor's in Philosophy and his Master's in Educational Psychology. His graduate research examined student motivation, self-regulated learning, and the onset of bipolar disorder in college students. His broader research interests include non-academic barriers to college success and effective college teaching. Andrew hopes to always remain in Higher Education, giving support to the students that need it most.



Office Location: G015 Johnston (WJB)
phone: 850-645-0186

Shane Hockin, Ph.D.

Visiting Instructional Specialist I



Office Location: G015 Johnston (WJB)
phone: 850-645-0186

Elyse Budkie

Instructional Specialist I



Office Location: G015B Johnston (WJB)
phone: 850-645-4047

Samantha Tackett, Ph.D.

Early Alert & PRE Faculty



Other staff:

Angela Hockin
Administrative Assistant
Office Location: UCA 3600
Phone: 850-645-0852


Hua (Kim) Jin
Program Associate
Office Location: G052 Johnston (WJB)
Phone: 850-645-9151





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