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‘Tutoring opportunities at FSU enhance our students’ classroom learning experiences and promote further engagement with rigorous academic material.'

Peer tutoring is a process that supports student learning by strengthening a wide variety of educational skills. Working with a tutor can help you make the most of your study time while at the same time providing an enhanced understanding of potentially difficult subject matter. Tutoring is therefore an activity in which students are learning to better help themselves, both for courses in which they are currently enrolled and for their future academic endeavors.


ACE Learning Studio @ Johnston Ground (WJB)

Fall 2016 Hours

August 29** - November 23

Mondays - Thursdays: 10am - 10pm

Fridays: 10am - 5pm

Sundays: 5pm - 10pm

**Tutoring appointments will begin on Tuesday, September 6.

CLOSED for September 4 and 5 for Labor Day and November 11 for Veteran's Day.

We will CLOSE at 1pm on October 14 for Homecoming.

We will CLOSE at 5pm on Wednesday, November 23 to reopen on Monday, November 28, for Thanksgiving.

Beginning on November 28 and continuing until December 7, ACE Learning Studio will have extended hours of operation in preparation for exams. More details to come.


Accounting and Finance:                                                                                             Math:                                                                                                  
ACG2021 - INTRO FINANCIAL ACTG                                                                          MAC1105 - COLLEGE ALGEBRA                       
ACG2071 - INTR MANAGERIAL ACTG       MAC1114 - ANALYTIC TRIGNOMETRY                         
ACG3101 - FIN ACTG & REP I    MAC1140 - PRECALCULUS  ALGEBRA                                                                                                       
CGS2100 - MICRO APPL FOR BS/EC                                                                         MAC1147 - PRECALC ALGEBRA/TRIG                                                               
CGS2518 - SPREADSHEETS FOR BUS MAC2233 - CALCULUS FOR BUSINESS                                  
FIN3403 - FINCL MANGE OF FIRM                                                                          MAC2311 - CALC W/ANLYT GEOM I         
QMB3200 - METHOD BUS DECISION                                                                          MAC2312 - CALC W/ANLYT GEM II                            
RMI2302 - RISK IN BUSINESS AND SOCIETY    MAC2313 - CALC W/ANLYT GEM III                    
TAX4001 - FEDERAL TAX ACTG 1                                                                                                                                     MAD3105 - DISCRETE MATHMATC II         
                                                                                                                                         MAD3703 - NUMERICAL ANALYSIS I                                   
Biology: MAP2302 - ORD DIFFER EQUATIONS                                       
BCH4053 - GEN BIOCHEMISTRY I                                                                           MAP4103 - MATH MODELING                                           
BSC2010 - BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE I                                                                          MAP4341 - ELE PRTL DFRNL EQU I                                                                         
BSC2011 - BIOLOGICAL SCI II   MAS3105 - APP LINEAR ALGEBRA I                                           
  MGF1106 - MATH FOR LIB ARTS I                                                    
CHM1045 - GEN CHEMISTRY I                                                                              Other Sciences:
CHM1046 - GEN CHEMISTRY II                                                                              PCB3063 - GENERAL GENETICS                                               
CHM1050 - HONORS GEN CHEM I                                                                            PET3322 - FUNC ANAT & PHYS I         
CHM2210 - ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I                                                                                                  PSB2000 - INTRO BRAIN & BEHAVR        
CHM2211 - ORGANIC CHEMISTRY II                                                                                       PSY2012 - GEN PSYCHOLOGY                          
CHM4410 - PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY I                                                                        
Computer Science: PHY2048C - GEN PHYSICS A                                                    
COP3014 - PROGRAMMING I                                                                                PHY2048C - PHYS.A STUDIO
COP3330 - OO PROGRAMMING                                                                               PHY2049C - GEN PHYSICS B                                                    
COP3353 - INTRODUCTION TO UNIX                                                                          PHY2053C - COLLEGE PHYSICS A                                              
ECO2013 - PRIN OF MACROECON                                                                            Spanish:
ECO2023 - PRIN OF MICROECON                                                                             SPN1120 - ELEMENTARY SPN I                                           
ECO3431 - ANALYSIS ECON DATA                                                                           SPN1121 - ELEMENTARY SPN II
Engineering: SPN2220 - INTERMEDIATE SPANISH                                   
EGM3512 - ENGINEERING MECHANIC                                                                        
EML3014C - DYNAMIC SYSTEMS II                                                                          Statistics:
EML3015C - THERMAL-FLUIDS I                                                                            STA2023 -      FUND BUS STATISTICS                                   
                                                                        STA2122 -      INTRO APPL STATISTICS                                 
French: STA4321 -      INTRO MATH STAT         
FRE1120 - ELEMENTARY FRENCH I                                                                         


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Located in Johnston Ground, the ground floor of the Johnston Building (WJB), the ACE Learning Studio provides free tutoring in many subject areas, including accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, math, statistics, physics, and more. Please call with any questions or to make an appointment (850-645-9151). We offer both drop-in and appointment based tutoring – stop by and see us soon to ensure that your semester progresses smoothly!


Directions to Johnston Ground

Tutoring services are available to enrolled students who are looking for additional help with course material as well as organizational and time management skills. Tutoring is not only for students who are currently experiencing academic challenges!

Students must not consider tutoring services as a replacement for attending class. Neither is tutoring offered as a time to ‘re-teach’ the material. It is expected that students will come to any tutoring session prepared with specific questions.

For further information, please contact:

Courtney Barry

Courtney Barry

Courtney Barry, Ph.D.
Director of the Academic Center for Excellence
G050 William Johnston Building
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1221
Phone: 850-645-9361
Email: cbarry@fsu.edu